We are offering a meal plan program to all marching band students.  The only mandatory meal plan is the competition meal plan, as it’s not possible for parents to know when the students can eat. All meals are fast food and will include an entrée, chips, fruit, cookie and a water.  

  • Summer Band meal payment is $150 and due by July 15th
  • Game Day meal payment is $80 and due by August 15th
  • Competition meal plan is $150 due by September 15th

Please contact a band director or Cathy Severance at 832-618-5135 to see about exceptions as soon as possible.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Cathy Severance at mealplans@johnsonbands.com or Ida Musgrove @ president@johnsonbands.com.

Summer Band Meal Plans 2021-2022

    • Please note that the Game Day  meal plan is intended for marching students and is optional, but HIGHLY recommended. It is extremely difficult to bring your child meals after school on game days, particularly with the additional restrictions in place prohibiting meal delivery and parent visitors on campus due to COVID. In addition, students are not allowed to leave campus on football game days to get food and are not permitted to visit the concession stand or have food delivered by friends or family during football games. Students are to remain with the band during the entirety of the football game, not mingling with family or other spectators.
    • No partial orders or day-of sales. The Game Day meal plan does NOT include playoff games.
    • Mealtimes may vary - Students will report to the cafeteria at times designated by band directors on games days to receive their meal.
    • Refunds: Missed or forfeited meals will not be refunded. Prorated refunds will only be given in the event of unforeseen circumstances  at the discretion of the Band Boosters. Unused meals cannot be assigned to a different student.
    • Questions? Please email us at mealplans@johnsonbands.com.