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Johnson Jaguar Band Color Guard

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Color Guard

The Johnson Color Guard is the visual performance ensemble of the Johnson High School Band Program. In addition to the use of dance, drill, and theatrics, members of the Color Guard learn to perform with various pieces of equipment including flag, rifle, and sabre, as well as other miscellaneous props.

During the fall semester, the Color Guard performs as part of the Johnson Marching Band, performing at all Varsity football games, UIL contests, various invitations contest and Bands of America Regional Championships. Like Band, Color Guard Class meets daily and receives the same academic credit that other band members receive.

Winter Guard

In the Spring, the Johnson Color Guard competes in “Winter Guard” contests hosted by the Texas Color Guard Circuit, and Winter Guard International.

Password: GoJags

210 WG Competition TCGC (Varsity & JV) Akins HS 217 WG Competition TCGC (Varsity & JV) Jac

Private Lessons

Ms. Yaira Nieves has extensive experience performing in the art of color guard. She has competed with world class groups such as the DCI group, Boston Crusaders, and winter guards, Fusion World and Q. 

Please read the policies below before requesting private lessons. 
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