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How To Band Guide

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

High School Band comes with it's own language and traditions.  There is a lot to learn!  So we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will find your questions and concerns addressed here. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please email a director or band booster officer for assistance.  Detailed information about band can be found in the following documents:  The Jaguar Band Student Handbook, the Parent Guide to Jaguar Band (English & Spanish), and the New Members' Guidebook.

  • How can band parents stay informed?
    1. Sign up for the Parent Remind: Directors will send out pertinent information with Remind texts. For parents of younger band students, we recommend that in addition to the Parent Remind you also sign up for the Student Remind so that you can help your student adjust to the responsibilities of High School Band. Sign up via the Remind 101 app or TEXT the below codes to 81010. For 2021-2022 school year, the Remind codes for Marching Band season is @jagsmarch and for Parents is @jagbandpts. 2. Charms emails: Charms emails are the band program's primary means of communication. See below to learn more about Charms. 3. Check the Band Calendar: The band calendar has the most up to date information about events and activities. Make sure to click on the actual activity to see additional information. We have created a link to make subscribing to our calendar a breeze. 4. Attend the Band Booster Meetings: Booster club meetings are held in the Band Hall and can be found on our calendar. These meetings are a great way to stay informed! 5. Read the Weekly Newsletters: Each week the booster club sends out a newsletter highlighting important information and dates. If you are not receiving the newsletter, please email our band secretary Tracye Mendez to ensure your email is included in our Charms database. 6. Call or Email Your Band Buddy (students) or your Section Parent Lead: In the beginning you will have a lot of questions! Don’t hesitate to contact your Band Buddy or Section Parent Lead and ask them anything that you don’t understand.
  • What is Charms?
    Charms is an online program that the band utilizes to maintain student records, contact information, inventory, UIL contest registration, band calendar and many other important aspects of the band program. It’s basically the digital hub behind the scenes holding the band machine together! Making sure your contact information is current in this database system is extremely important and will help keep you in the loop!
  • What is the time commitment for band?
    Per Texas State (UIL) Law, before/after school activities are only allowed to practice for 8 hours per week once school has begun. During the summer, we have a Band Camp that runs during the weeks leading into the school year. These weeks are more intensive to prepare us for the marching season. When school starts, the band will practice after school. During the marching season there are Friday night football game commitments (performances) as well as Saturday Contests (competition) throughout the Fall Semester. The marching season finishes during the first part of November, and then the Band will only play at football games.
  • What are the uniform requirements?
    There are 3 different uniforms for each band student. COMPETITION UNIFORM - It has become increasingly common for high school marching bands to wear a show shirt (“performance top”) specifically designed to represent the show theme and add to the general effect of the show. These shirts are used primarily for competitions. FORMAL UNIFORM - The marching uniform issued by the band and kept at the school consists of black overall-like pants, called “bibbers”, a band undershirt (2 options - director’s choice), jacket, gauntlets, and could include a shako hat with plume and decorative piece. Students must purchase LONG black socks, black belt, and black compression shirt and shorts. SUMMER UNIFORM - This uniform is covered by band fees and is provided by the band program for incoming band students. The uniform includes khaki shorts, black band polo, black cap, and black band shoes. Summer uniform items that must be purchased by families are black belt and SHORT black socks. Returning students will have the opportunity to purchase additional summer uniform items to account for growth spurts. All students will be measured for their formal marching uniforms andl alterations will be made by the Booster Club. It is also very important that your student have a pair of good athletic shoes for practice. These shoes can be kept in their band locker for them to change into after school if they would like to wear other shoes to school; however, a good pair of athletic shoes is very important in keeping your student in good marching condition on the blacktop.
  • Are there any uniform restrictions during marching season?
    In order to give our band a cohesive appearance we do have guidelines for student's appearances while they are on the field: 1. Band students will not wear makeup while in uniform, unless required for the performance. 2. Jewelry, hair ribbons & nail polish are not allowed while in uniform. 3. Hair must be its natural color. 4. Hair must not touch the collar of the jacket and must be above the top of the ear or pulled behind it. No visible hair on forehead. 5. Students must be clean shaven while in uniform. Color Guard may have additional uniform restrictions that will be communicated by the Color Guard Director. Please see the Color Guard FAQ's for more information.
  • Who does "Winds", "Percussion", and "Guard" refer to?"
    Sometimes our Directors refer to a specific subsection of the band with the terms winds, percussion and guard. Winds refers to any student who plays an wind instrument - something you blow air through. Percussion refers to the students that play front ensemble and drum instruments. Front ensemble refers to the students that play keyboards and auxiliary instruments. "Battery" refers to the students that play drums (snare, tenor, or bass). Guard (or sometimes JAGuard) refers to our color guard students.
  • Does "Band" include Color Guard?"
    At JHS, the term Johnson Jaguar Band emcompasses all band and color guard students. We are one unit and one family. In the fall marching season, any band activity includes both musicians and color guard and the term "band" refers to everyone. In the spring concert season, our musicians begin working as ensembles and our color guard begins competition in the winter guard season.
  • What is "report time"?"
    Report time is the designated time that the students must be ready (dressed, full water bottle, instrument ready, etc.) and in the JHS Band Hall or other assigned area and ready to practice, perform, etc.
  • What is the "no pass, no play" policy?"
    The Texas Education Agency defines band as a performing art and concert and marching performances are an extension of class time. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required and is a part of the band grade. A student will be suspended from participating in any extracurricular activity (marching band activities, pep rallies, parades, UIL solo and ensemble and other competitions) after a six week grading period in which a student receives a grade below a 70. The student will remain eligible and responsible for band and technique class requirements including sectionals and performances. Interim progress reports are issued in the middle of each six week period to students who are borderline or failing a class. Students can ‘regain’ eligibility at this time if he/she is passing. AP students do have the opportunity to apply for a waiver to remain eligible. Please email your student's counselor for more information about this process.
  • Are there additional fees and how do I pay them?
    Students have an annual "Fair Share" fee that cover costs such as new member summer uniforms, performance top, drill designers, music writers, guest clinicians, marching techs, program designer, drivers, props, tarps, and flags. There may be additional fees for instrument rentals and color guard. These fees are charged annually and invoices sent to families in the late spring/early summer that apply to the next school year. Fees are paid via the RevTrack site which can be found HERE. Come to a booster meeting to see how your fees are spent! Questions about fees? Contact Mrs. Mendez at
  • What is required to pass inspection?
    See the attached lists for what is required to pass inspection:
  • What do new band members need to know?
    Curious to learn more about the Moe and Gene Johnson Band? Check out our informational guidebook for new band members.
  • I'm new here, what exactly is a Booster?"
    A booster - in this case, a Johnson Band Booster (JBB) - is a parent/guardian of a student in the Jaguar Band or one of our middle school feeder programs. You became a JBB when your student first chose band in 6th grade!
  • What do Boosters do?
    We provide support in the form of volunteer time and money. Both of these aspects are extremely important! Without volunteers, we cannot raise the necessary funds to support the Jaguar Band program or provide physical assistance in the form of uniform fittings, truck driving, feeding the band, etc.
  • When/where do you need my help?
    The short answer is now and everywhere! Our volunteer coordinators can help you find your niche so that your time and talents have the greatest impact on our program.
  • Why do we do this?
    We do this to support our band students and staff. While they are perfecting their shows, we are behind the scenes raising the funds necessary to provide everything they need. We are also fitting uniforms, ordering meals, driving trucks and chaperoning trips. It is a group effort and we need you to make it happen!
  • Can I have booster funds allocated directly to my student's account?
    The IRS prohibits booster clubs from distributing any funds to individual members. Booster club funds and events must benefit the group as a whole, not its individual members.
  • What is the 8 Hour Rule?
    The 8 Hour Rule is a specific set of guidelines for rehearsals outside the regular school day. Our directors are keenly aware of the rule and work well within the guidelines. Here's the link to the UIL page explaining the rule:
  • Do we REALLY need all this fundraising?  Where does the money go?
    Yes… we really do! Each year, JBB donates thousands of dollars for things like props for the marching shows, summer band instructors, region master classes, and marching technicians. Funds are also used for Color Guard expenses, new instruments and equipment, and travel expenses like trailer upkeep and insurance costs. We know that fundraising isn’t everyone’s favorite thing… but it truly is necessary to allow our band to maintain the current level of performance and success.
  • What is Summer Band?
    In order to get the band prepared for the marching competition seasn, students are required to attend marching practice in the weeks leading up to the beginning of school. Attendance is required for all band students. Students will need to report to summer band with their instrument, full band water jug, good athletic shoes, lunch & snacks, their phone, and sun protection (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.).
  • Is attendance required?
    Yes. It is imperative to the marching programs success to have all students attend Summer Band. Please consult the band calendar for summer band dates, and plan your vacation accordingly. Dates are published well before the end of the prior school year to help families plan summer vactions but generally begin the week beginning with the first day of August. Our SLT (Senior Leadership Team) students will have training in mid-July as well that is required and will be published during the application process. Allowances are made for students marching with DCI.
  • Are drinks provided?
    No, that is why it is CRUCIAL for your student to bring a FULL BAND water jug with them to camp every day. During the day, there will be opportunities for students to refill their jugs. You are also allowed to send additional drinks with your students, but please avoid sugary beverages. Pro Tip: To make ice for your student's band water jug use a circular ziplock container or quart sized yogurt/cream cheese container. These make larger chunks of ice that fit inside the water jug, and keep the water colder longer.
  • Are meals provided?
    No, meals are not provided but meal plans will be available for purchase from the band boosters website prior to the beginning on summer band. Deadlines will be published and all meals will be provided if you opt to purchase the meal plan. Students not purchasing the meal plan will need to bring any meals with them. Students are not allowed to leave during their break.
  • What should my student wear?
    1. Hats and sunscreen are REQUIRED for outside during summer band. Save your skin! 2. Athletic type shorts and a solid white t-shirt is required. Buy several white shirts to rotate. 3. Wear socks and athletic shoes (cross trainers or running shoes are the best example of proper foot wear). No sandals, bare feet, high-tops,ill-fitting, or non-athletic shoes,including converse and slipon sneakers.Due to the physical nature of our activity, and that the majority of our movement will be done on a hard asphalt surface,proper foot wear is a necessity to reduce the risk of injury and strain on your body. 4. Sunglasses are optional.
  • What if my student is unable to attend a specific day or has a conflict?
    Attendance is REQUIRED of all band students unless the Head Director approves an absence. The dates are announced as much as a year in advance for returning band members, and at least 3-4 months for new students to give families an opportunity to plan vacations. Any unavoidable absences should be emailed to the Head Director as soon as possible but does not guarantee approval of any absence.
  • What is the typical schedule of a game day?
    On game days students will remain on campus after school. Please do not ask for any exceptions. On game days the students will: - report to the Band Hall after the final bell - have a short rehearsal - eat dinner - gather their uniform & instrument - load the busses - play at the football game - load the busses - return to JHS
  • What should my student wear?
    As it is still hot during most of our football games, band students will wear their SUMMER UNIFORM unless otherwise instructed by the Head Director. This uniform is covered by band fees and is provided by the band program for incoming (first year) band students. The uniform includes khaki shorts, black band polo, black cap, and black band shoes. Summer uniform items that must be purchased by families are black belt and SHORT black socks. If a returning band student has outgrown a particular item, you will have the opportunity to order a replacement item. These will be purchased by families as needed for your student.
  • What does my student need for game day?
    On Game Days students need to bring: Garment Bag Show Shirt Summer Band Uniform Black Socks Marching Shoes Water Jug Flip Folder Instrument
  • Am I allowed to visit my student at the football game?
    Football games are considered to be an extension of the classroom, and for everyone’s safety adults are not allowed into the band section of the stands. This helps us to keep everyone safe. Students are not allowed to accept food and beverages from parents while at football games unless given permission from the Band Director. To keep our uniforms clean, students will only drink water and not eat while in uniform.
  • At home games, can my student drive themselves to/from Shelton Statdium? Can I take my student directly home after games?"
    No. Band students work together to load instruments, props, and equipment for transport to and from Shelton Stadium and again back into the JHS Band Hall upon our return at the end of the night. Students must travel to and from all band events via bus unless prior approval from the Head Director.
  • How will I know when to pick my student up?
    Students are encouraged to call/text their parents on the way back to the school from the stadium, but an expected end time will always be posted. Directors will also communicated anticipated arrival times via the Parent Remind 101.
  • What are band competitions?
    Just like other sports, Marching Band participates in scored contests. These contests usually take place on Saturdays. Competitions are divided into Preliminary Performances and Final Performances. Please consult the Marching Band Calendar for the dates of contests.
  • What is the difference between UIL and BOA competitions?
    UIL is the organization that creates rules for and administers almost all athletic, musical, and academic contests for public primary and secondary schools in Texas. At UIL competitions, schools compete against other schools in the same UIL conference (we are 5A). Bands of America (BOA) is an independent company that hosts competitions throughout the nation. BOA is not connected to the school districts. When competing at BOA bands are assigned to a competing class based on the total enrolled students at each band's high school enrollment levels (grades 10 through 12). Classes are used to determine preliminary placements and awards. The highest-scoring bands regardless of class advance to finals performance. Class champions who do not advance to finals are invited to perform in exhibition. Bands may also compete in other independent competitions hosted by other companies (US Bands, etc).
  • What is a typical schedule for competition days?
    Report times will differ for each contest, and schedules will be emailed prior to each marching competition. A typical Competition Day Schedule is: -report to band hall -rehearsal -students will gather uniforms & supplies -load the busses -arrive at the competition site -unload -rehearse -perform in the Preliminary round -regroup and take a break/meal time (if able) -gather for the announcement of awards Finals: If we are selected for Finals: we rehearse, and perform, and wait for the final awards, and then we will head back to the school. If we are not selected for Finals: we load up the students, and head back to the school. Parents will be notified of arrival times through Remind 101.
  • If the band has a long break time between performances, can I take my student home?"
    No, the entire band stays together until the competition is over. The time between performances is used to rehearse, eat meals or for study time.
  • Will meals be provided on competition days?
    Yes, a competition meal plan will be available for purchase through the Band Boosters website and is the only REQUIRED meal plan. Meal times will vary according to the competition performance schedule which make it impossible for parents to bring meals for students. Please contact the Head Director with any issues. Students are encouraged to bring snacks.
  • Should I send money with my student?
    Yes! If time allows we do allow students to shop for souvenirs and snacks.
  • What are the ticket prices?
    Prices for competitions vary. UIL competitions only require one (1) ticket. BOA competitions have separate tickets for the Preliminary Performance and the Finals Performance. You do have the option of buying each separately or you can purchase the combined ticket.
  • Am I allowed to clap and cheer at competitions?
    Yes! In fact we encourage you to make some noise for our band! Please be aware of any specific rules or guidelines for competition behaviour based on the event we are attending. We also try to post on our Facebook page where your Jaguar Band Family is sitting in the stands so we can be a large cheering section for our band.
  • Are school classifications for Bands of America and UIL the same?
    No. BOA and UIL use different classification systems. Both systems are based on the school size, not band size. BOA has a total of 4 classifications (1A-4A) and UIL has 6 (1A-6A)
  • What classification is Johnson?
    For the 2021-2022 school year, the Jaguar Band is classified as a 4A school in the BOA circuit and a 5A school within the UIL circuit. Reclassiciation is done every 2 years and we expect to move to 6A within the UIL circuit for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • What contests are prelims/finals contests and when will I know performance times?
    All contests except for UIL Region are prelims/finals format. Prelims performance times will be provided well before the performance in the itinerary. Finals performance times will be made available immediately following the prelims competition. Finals itineraries will always be sent out via the REMIND app.
  • What time should I show up for a contest?
    Band contests are heavily attended events and we would highly recommend arriving at least an hour prior to performance time to navigate parking, stadium logistics, etc. Many of the stadiums have moved to a clear bag policy as well.
  • Will the stadium be cleared between prelims and finals?
    Yes, most contests will require all audience members to clear the stadium at the conclusion of the prelims competition. I highly encourage parents to take an opportunity to watch the full finals show and show support for the other band programs!
  • What ticket should I buy for marching contests?
    The band is never guaranteed a finals spot at any contest, however, the combination prelims/finals ticket typically provides a price break.
  • Where can I learn more information about BOA classifications and judging?
    Bands of America (BOA) You can find basic information about BOA below but if you would like additional information, check out their website at Classifications: Bands are assigned to classes based on the following enrollment levels (grades 10-12): Class A – 600 or fewer Class AA – 601 -1250 Class AAA – 1251 -1750 Class AAAA – 1751 and above Types: Regional Championships: Up to 32 bands perform in preliminary competition with 10 bands advancing to the evening Finals. Super Regional Championships: These are two-day regional events allowing a maximum of 84 participating bands utilizing two judging panels for preliminary competition. Prelims will take place over two days, with a maximum of 52 bands on Friday, 32 bands on Saturday, and a 14-band finals competition on Saturday evening. Grand National Championships: A three-day, Preliminary, Semi-Finals, Finals event where forty-five bands perform in each of the two separate Prelims contests, balanced with like numbers of bands from each class. Thirty bands then advance to Semi-Finals with a formula that ensures inclusion of representatives of each of the four classes and the top scoring bands from the two separate Prelims contests and the overall event. (See Procedures and Adjudication Handbook for specifics.) The top 12 scoring bands from Semi-Finals, regardless of class, advance to Saturday evening’s finals. Adjudication System: 20 points1 Music Performance (Individual) 20 points1 Music Performance (Ensemble) 20 points2 Visual Performance (Individual) 20 points2 Visual Performance (Ensemble) 20 points Visual General Effect 40 points Music General Effect Timing & Penalties 1Averaged, 2Averaged MUSIC PERFORMANCE (INDIVIDUAL) This judge is located on the field and is free to move about the field. This judge evaluates the entire show from beginning to end and uses an audio recorder for comments. There is one judge in this caption. MUSIC PERFORMANCE (ENSEMBLE) This judge is located in the stands or in the press box, whichever location affords the best vantage point. The location is fixed during the entire competition. This judge evaluates the entire show from beginning to end and uses an audio recorder for comments. There is one judge in this caption. VISUAL PERFORMANCE (INDIVIDUAL) This judge is located on the field and is free to move about the field. This judge evaluates the entire show from beginning to end and uses an audio recorder for comments. There is one judge in this caption. VISUAL PERFORMANCE (ENSEMBLE) This judge is located in the stands or in the press box, whichever location affords the best vantage point. The location is fixed during the entire competition. This judge evaluates the entire show from beginning to end and uses an audio recorder for comments. There is one judge in this caption. The two Music Performance judges have their scores averaged for a total of 20 points. The two Visual Performance judges have their scores averaged for a total of 20 points. GENERAL EFFECT VISUAL This judge is located in the press box and uses an audio recorder for comments. There is one judge in this caption, and his score is not averaged with any other score. GENERAL EFFECT MUSIC There are two judges in this caption, and both are located in the press box. They judge the entire show from beginning to end, using an audio recorder to record their comments; their scores are not averaged. TIMING & PENALTIES The Field Manager is located on the field and is free to move about the field. The Field Manager assesses the entire show from beginning to end and uses a sheet for comments regarding all timing and penalty considerations of the show.
  • Where can I learn more information about US Bands classifications and judging?
    USBands You can find basic information about USBands below but if you would like additional information, check out their website at Classification - Group Size USBands classification for participating ensembles is based on the total number of performers, not the size of the student population at their school. This count includes playing members, auxiliary (color guard, majorettes, etc.), and command personnel (drum majors, guard captains, etc.). This does not include members of an American Flag Section or Honor Guard when these members do not move or otherwise add to the effect of the program. Ensemble sizes are grouped as follows: Group I 1 - 59 Group II 60 - 99 Group III 100 - 139 Group IV 140 - 169 Group V 170+ Adjudication System: Music Individual = 20 Music Ensemble = 20 Visual = 20 Overall Effect Music = 20 Overall Effect Visual = 20
  • Where can I learn more information about UIL classifications and judging?
    UIL website is 5A/6A Region Marching Contest Marching band contests will be held in each region. Every band that receives a Division I rating at the region contest shall be certified for advancement to the area contest. Area Marching Contest The Jaguar Band competes in Area D. The Area marching contest will have prelims and finals. The number of bands that will advance to the finals will depend on the total number of bands that receive ones. You can find the formulas here. State Marching Contest UIL alternates State contest years as follows: Open Class on Even Years: Area Contest (Conference 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) and State Contest (Conference 2A, 4A, 6A) Open Class on Odd Years: Area Contest (Conference 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) and State Contest (Conference 1A, 3A, 5A) UIL Adjudication System: Texas Music Adjudicators Association adjudication rubrics: Division I (Superior), Division II (Excellent), Division III (Average), Division IV (Below Average), Division V (Poor). MUSIC + - Tone Quality + - Intonation + - Technique and Accuracy + - Phrasing and Artistic Expression + - Blend and Balance + - Precision and Timing + - Dynamic Contrast + - Style and Articulation + - Effective Use of Electronics (when present) VISUAL AND MOVEMENT + - Control and Achievement of Form/Interval + - Control of Body + - Control of Equipment + - Precision and Timing + - Uniformity of Style + - Recovery CONTENT + - Coordination and Effective Use of All Performing Elements + - Effective Visual Reinforcement of Music + - Suitability of Musical and Visual Content + - Frequency/Demand of Movement While Playing + - Continuity and Flow/Pacing
  • What is concert season?
    In the Spring semester the band gears up to participate in the UIL Concert programs. Each band will have 3 pieces that they will perform at the UIL Concert competition.
  • What are the uniform requirements for concert season?
    Uniforms are provided for the students: girls wear black dresses and boys wear tuxedos. The uniforms are fitted and altered by the Band Booster Club. All students are required to wear black dress shoes.
  • Am I allowed to attend the UIL Concert?
    Yes! Parents and friends are encouraged to attend the UIL performance. The dates, times and locations will be published on the Band Calendar and in the Booster Newsletter. There will also be Pre-UIL performances scheduled at the PAC (Performing Arts Center) about 1 week before UIL that you can attend.
  • What is the correct UIL Concert etiquette?
    - Please silence your cell phone before entering the auditorium. - Only enter the auditorium between performances. - You should NOT enter while a band is performing. - Please do not talk during performances. - Clapping at the end of performances is encouraged.
  • What is Region & State Band?
    Just like in middle school band, students in the Johnson Jaguar Band compete in the TMEA All-State (Region Band) process! Students select music and perform their piece(s) before a panel of judges. Those scoring high enough are named to the All-District, All-Region or All-State Band - the top honor for musicians. The All-State musicians attend the TMEA State Convention in San Antonio in early February for a three-day clinic followed by a concert that is attended by top music educators from throughout the state and around the world.
  • What musical pieces do the students play?
    Students are assigned 3 etudes at the beginning of the year.
  • When are auditions?
    Auditions are held during the months of November, December, and January.
  • How do students prepare for these auditions?
    Students participate in weekly Master Classes (sectionals) throughout the Fall semester to prepare for the auditions. Private lessons are also instrumental for success and to work on individual technique and improvements.
  • Are there any requirements to volunteer?
    All volunteers MUST COMPLETE the Hays CISD Volunteer Application (Volunteesr in Public Schools or VIPS). This is a requirement to volunteer with the Band in ANY capacity and must be renewed annually. Please complete the application HERE.
  • How can I volunteer?
    As you can imagine, it takes a lot of volunteers to make our Band successful. We have an assortment of volunteer opportunities that appeal to a variety of different skills and interests. And the good news is that it is easy to get involved! Please see our website volunteer page (located under "I Want To . . . Volunteer) to learn the opportunities available and get involved. You can also approach any Booster Executive Board Member and they can help you get involved. There is a place (and a need) for everyone!
  • What is Color Guard?
    In the FALL semester, the Jaguar Color Guard is a vital component of the visual presentation of the Jaguar Marching Band. During marching shows, the Color Guard performers provide an exciting visual element through costumes, movement, and dance! Movement and dance are enhanced through the use of props such as flags, rifles, and sabers. The Guard is also an important part of the band at pep rallies, games and other events. In the SPRING semester, the Jaguar Color Guard is featured independently from the band, creating a new Winter Guard production where they can showcase their skills and showmanship in competition with some of the best Winter Guards in the State of Texas and the Country.
  • What is the dress code for color guard?
    Dress Code varies slightly for color guard as compared to the rest of the band. - REHEARSAL ATTIRE: The guard rotates practice t-shirts provided to the team. Bottoms and shoes should be comfortable and allow for movement. Hair must always be pulled back, and out of the face. PERFORMANCE UNIFORM: Our performance uniforms are custom designed each season. It is of great importance that special attention be taken in how the uniforms are stored and cared for. Instructions on care will be given before the first dress rehearsal. Performance uniforms will always be stored in the uniform room. **Nail polish and jewelry are never allowed while in uniform. Also, water is the only liquid to be consumed while in uniform. We will never eat while in uniform. HAIR: Due to the nature of our activity,it is vital that students maintain a “natural” hair color during competition season. Students who wish to color or cut their hair during the year should consult the director in advance, as to avoid any “surprises” before a performance. Students who do not consult the director and choose to make drastic changes to their hair may not perform until they are able to blend in with the entire unit. MAKE UP: Students will be required to purchase specific make-up for each season as part of the uniform. Due to hygienic reasons, students will not be allowed to share make up or applicators at any time. Students will be given a class each season to learn how to apply make up properly.
  • Do I have to be enrolled in color guard class in order to march or participate in winterguard?
    Yes. Color Guard class is key to learning fundamentals and developing skills while also preparing competition shows. Students that encounter any scheduling conflicts should contact Mr. Duffy.
  • Have a question about our program, your flag, or your subscription?
    Contact our Fly a Flag Program Coordinator, Conrad Fjetland, at
  • Do I have to be present when my flag is installed?
    No. Flags will be placed within about 3’ of the corner formed by your driveway and the sidewalk/street.
  • When does the subscription period begin? End?
    Annual subscriptions will run for one year from the date of purchase.
  • What if there is a tree or other obstacle at the prescribed installation location?
    Our installers will adjust the location appropriately to make sure the flag can fly freely.
  • Can I request a specific location for the flag to be installed?
    If you are present when the installers show up, you can make a request in person and they will do their best to accommodate it. Check this website for information on installation schedules.
  • Flags that are flying at night should be illuminated. Do we get a light with our flag?
    No. But you are encouraged to place a small spotlight in your yard to light up your flag at night. An inexpensive solar-powered one would probably work great.
  • Can I order more than one flag for my home?
    Yes! You are welcome to order additional flags. Please let us know in the notes section of your order form if you would like them placed in a particular spot. Our installers will do their best to accommodate your request.
  • Can I buy a gift subscription in addition to mine? Or for a relative/friend who lives in the Johnson school zone even though I do not?
    Yes! Please place a second order so that you can provide us with the second address. You can let us know this is a gift subscription in the notes section of the order form. Please also let us know the name of the home owners who will receive the flag subscription.
  • What do we do if we move in the middle of our subscription period?
    Congratulations on your new home! - If you are moving to another house in the service area, you can notify us at and we will update your records to reflect your new address. Your subscription will continue at your new home. - If you move outside our service area, please notify us at so we can cancel your subscription. There is no refund for cancelling, however.
  • I live in an apartment. Is there any way for me to participate?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to place flags at apartments at this time.
  • Will my HOA allow this flag in my yard?
    Thanks to the Texas State Legislature (HB 2779, signed into law June 17, 2011), the placement of U.S. flags in front yards is now a homeowner right that cannot be revoked by an HOA, as long as the flag is properly displayed and in good condition (which is our job).
  • How will the flag be installed on my property?
    Installers will drive a length of re-bar into your lawn and place the flag pole over the exposed re-bar (the re-bar will be removed along with the flag after each holiday).
  • What happens if the weather is supposed to be bad?
    Safety is our first concern. If inclement weather is forecasted, the flags will not be placed. We will work to come up with a make-up date if possible. We will do everything we can so that we don’t have to skip any holidays.
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