*FRESHMEN / NEW BAND STUDENTS do not need to buy a water jug, one will be given to them on their first day of Summer Band.  This item is for returning members who may need a new water jug for band activities.


*All band students must have a 1/2 gallon water jug for Summer Band. Returning students needing to replace their water jug can either buy a black or charcoal water jug. Black water jugs will be phased out as we transition to charcoal water jugs because charcoal water jugs are more readily available than black water jugs. Returning students who have black water jugs do not need to buy a charcoal water jug at this time. 

* Water jugs purchased online will be handed out to students on their first day of Summer Band. 



  •  Igloo Charcoal Water Jug 1/2 Gallon - Price $8
  • Igloo Black Water Jug 1/2 Gallon - Price $4


* Please note that black water jugs are leftover from last year or were left in the band hall and were not labeled. All water jugs have been washed and stored in the band hall since before Covid shut down. 



Igloo ½ Gallon Water Jug

  • Please have your student pick up their water jug after practice on Mondays. If they need it BEFORE practice, please email spiritgear@johnsonbands.com so that you can make arrangements for boosters to get water jug to him before practice.



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