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Igloo ½ Gallon Water Jug

Igloo ½ Gallon Water Jug

PriceFrom $4.00
Excluding Sales Tax

*FRESHMEN / NEW BAND STUDENTS do not need to buy a water jug, one will be given to them on their first day of Summer Band.  This item is for returning members who may need a new water jug for band activities.


ADDITIONAL WATER JUGS:  Previously used jugs are available for purchase at a discount.  They are in good condition and have been washed/sanitized/inspected.


*All band students must have a 1/2 gallon charcoal water jug for Summer Band. Returning students needing to replace their water jug will have to buy a new or used charcoal water jug.


* Water jugs purchased online can be picked up at the Meet & Greet on 6/23 or at the Breakdown Camp on 7/24, 7/25. 


** Water Jugs must be labeled on the white lid. 

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