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Advertise your business to the local community or highlight a special offer to Jaguar fans!   A program ad can also be for your child, a specific student, a group of students, a sports team, for Johnson HS or even simply supporting Hays CISD.  The sky is the limit in showing your support for your favorite Jaguar!  Ad orders received by September 17th will appear in the first home program, all others will be added weekly throughout the season.

TYPES OF ADS:  Personal ads or business ads are accepted and encouraged.  You can design your own ad or we can help you!

AD SIZES & PRICES:  Ads can be placed in various sizes sizes throughout the program.  You can place one large ad, a small ad, or even have multiple ads! 

COVER PAGE ADS:  Interested in prime real estate? The back cover, inside front cover and inside back cover are sold on a highest bidder basis. The back cover will go to the highest bidder, inside front cover to the second highest bidder and the inside back cover goes to the third highest bidder.


  • Place your bid ONLINE or mail in our ORDER FORM

  • All bids must be received prior to September 17th

  • Bidders will be charged the rate of a full page ad ($250) and indicate the total amount of their bid (you receive the full page ad if you do not "win")

  • All bidders will be notified of current highest bids 24 hours prior to closing via email to make a final offer

  •  1st, 2nd and 3rd highest bidders will be notified within 2 business days of closing of bids on September 17th

  • Winning bids that have not paid their remaining balances within 2 business days of notice will be considered forfeited to the next highest bidder

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  • 1/8 page ad - $75

  • 1/4 page ad - $100

  • 1/2 page ad - $175

  • Full page ad - $250

  • Custom Design Fee - $25 per ad


  • Utilize a preselected template shown below and send us your pictures, options and message 

  • Create your own ready-to-print design and send it to us 

  • We can also custom design your ad for an additional $25 fee

QUESTIONS AND SUBMISSIONS:  Any questions? Need to send us your design?  Ads (pictures/logos) are required to be submitted electronically to the Football Program Ad Committee at


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